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Holi in Mathura: A Rainbow of Celebration 🌈🎉

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. However, the city of Mathura, located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, is known for its unique and vibrant way of celebrating Holi. The city of Mathura is considered as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, and thus, the festival of Holi holds a special place in the hearts of the people. In this article, we will explore the joyful and chaotic celebration of Holi in Mathura.

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Holi in Mathura: Colorful Chaos and Joy!

The celebration of Holi in Mathura is nothing short of a dream come true for anyone who loves colors and chaos. The celebration begins with the Lathmar Holi, where women of Barsana village beat up men from neighboring Nandgaon village with sticks. This tradition is said to symbolize the playful banter between Lord Krishna and his consort Radha. The sight of women chasing men with sticks while singing and dancing is truly a sight to behold.

The next day, the celebration moves to the city of Mathura, where people from all over the world come together to participate in the Phoolon Wali Holi or the flower Holi. This is a unique celebration where flowers are used instead of colors. People throw flowers at each other and dance to the beats of dholak and other traditional instruments. The air is filled with the fragrance of flowers, and the sight of people dancing in a shower of petals is truly mesmerizing.

The celebration of Holi in Mathura comes to an end with the Huranga Holi, which is celebrated in the Dauji temple. In this celebration, men strip down to their waist and are covered with oil and colors by women. The men then have to try and escape from the clutches of the women while protecting their clothes. The celebration is full of laughter and joy, and the atmosphere is electrifying.

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From Powder Fights to Sweets: An Epic Holi in Mathura

The celebration of Holi in Mathura is not just about colors and chaos; it is also about sweets and delicacies. The city is famous for its sweets, especially the famous Mathura peda and gujiya. The streets are lined with sweet shops and vendors selling traditional delicacies. People exchange sweets with each other and indulge in the delicious flavors of Holi.

Apart from sweets, the city is also famous for the traditional Holi drink, bhang. Bhang is a preparation made from cannabis leaves and is consumed by people during the celebration. It is believed to have medicinal properties and is said to cure many ailments. People consume bhang in the form of thandai or pakoras and enjoy the festive spirit of Holi.

In conclusion, the celebration of Holi in Mathura is nothing short of a magical experience. The vibrant colors, traditional music, delicious food, and joyful chaos make it a celebration like no other. It is a time to forget all worries and come together to celebrate the spirit of love and togetherness. Holi in Mathura is a true rainbow of celebration that should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime.

The celebration of Holi in Mathura truly captures the essence of the festival of colors. The city comes alive with the spirit of joy and happiness, and people from all over the world come to witness this colorful chaos. If you ever get a chance to experience Holi in Mathura, do not miss it – it is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

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